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Camiel Corneille
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    CJP / Stadspas / Student / 65+ : € 16.50
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Beeldend theater


Camiel Corneille

Go watch Camiel and his installations and performances

PRESS is the first public experiment from The Repro Project; a reseach on our dependencyon technology and machines. A physical and impressive experience on the border of Circus and Visual Arts.

On stage Camiel tries to wrestle control over a big kinetic art installation; a moving wall/ platform, but he just as easily submits to its power and lets himself being carried and pushed.

The struggle to gain control is as fragile as his body, and you wonder who is the boss.

Walking around this intallation-performance you are a spectator for this fight for control and this search for balance. A game between a man and his wall; his machine.

EXO is the second project that approaches the theme differently. How can we enhance the way we are perceived? Where at PRESS the question was who is in control, here the theme of mastery will become less important than the search for the symbiosis of man and machine; an enrichment of man/machine. A triangular installation, rotating and movable. A nearly kaleidoscopic physical experience.

As a counterpart to PRESS and EXO, where man is dependent on his created installations, MANCHINES is inspired by the ever-increasing communication with his environment through technology/digital forms of communication. Camiel searches for boundaries of intimacy. Especially now, in a time where physical contact is scare Camiel fears and is intrigued by the alienation of intimate physical connection between people.

MANCHINES is a duet with performers from Collective MAMM. A dance-like fight about getting closer together and playful miscommunication.



Concept: Camiel Corneille

Regie: Camiel Corneille

Uitvoering: Camiel Corneille, Mees Meeuwsen, Maxime Abbenhues

Design & Building: Marc van Vliet, Edwin Schulte, Camiel Corneille

Licht: Hessel Hilgersom

Muziek: Guy Corneille e.a.

Techniek: Hessel Hilgersom

Productie: Lysanne van Esch

Met dank aan: Jasper van Luijk, Wies Merkx, Tom Vollebregt

Partners: Festival Circolo, Circuswerkplaats Dommelhof, Buro Piket, Korzo Theater, Werkplaats Diepenheim, MAAStd, CirkLabo, Miramiro