BECOMING: Decolonized

CC Amstel i.s.m. Rikkert van Huisstede & Ro Rox Roxy Roxana Verwey
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BECOMING: Decolonized

CC Amstel i.s.m. Rikkert van Huisstede & Ro Rox Roxy Roxana Verwey

Queering your friday night met fluïde theater, dialoog en feest

**Voor het Nederlands zie hieronder**

BECOMING is a fluid bubble full of depth. In this Friday night series, CC Amstel, Rikkert van Huisstede & Ro Rox Roxana Verwey give each edition a different queer perspective on identity and sexuality. Immerse yourself in intimacy, celebration, sensuality, dialogue, art and glitter! At BECOMING: more is better, vulnerability is strength, party is depth and everyone is queer!

Welcome to evening I: Decolonized

This evening has been made in collaboration with Devika Chotoe (FiTe QLuB) & Fazle Shairmahomed (Analemma)

Language: English & Body Language 

The influence of the colonial past is still felt in our lives. Its effects are very different for each person and position. In this edition of BECOMING, Devika Chotoe (Fite Qlub) & Fazle Shairmahomed (Analemma) will address decolonisation from an intersectional perspective. How can we, individually and in relation to each other, free ourselves from oppression and how can transformation and social justice become a daily act?

The evening will open with a writing ritual, then panel guests Camille Barton, Jeanette Chedda and Anne Jesuina will touch on decolonisation from perspectives such as the climate crisis, disability justice, embodiment and healing. To top it off with Analemma -a decolonizing club dance ritual centering queer people of colour- where we will close the night with an open jam session with DJ Inked Rebelle.

Let's understand together how systematic oppression works on body, soul and mind.


BECOMING is een fluïde bubbel vol diepgang. In deze vrijdagavondserie geven CC Amstel, Rikkert van Huisstede & Ro Rox Roxy Roxana Verwey elke editie een ander queer perspectief op identiteit en seksualiteit. Laat je onderdompelen in intimiteit, feest, sensualiteit, dialoog, kunst en glitter! Bij BECOMING geldt: meer is beter, kwetsbaarheid is kracht, feest is diepgang én iedereen is queer!

Welkom op avond I: Decolonized

Deze avond wordt samengesteld i.s.m. Devika Chotoe (FiTe QLuB) & Fazle Shairmahomed (Analemma)

Taal: Engels & Body Language 

Suggested styling: Come As You Are

De invloed van het koloniale verleden is nog altijd voelbaar in onze levens. De effecten ervan zijn heel verschillend per persoon en positie. In deze editie van BECOMING zullen Devika Chotoe (FiTe QLuB) & Fazle Shairmahomed (Analemma) inhaken op dekolonisatie vanuit een intersectioneel perspectief.  Hoe kunnen wij, individueel en in relatie tot elkaar, onszelf bevrijden van oppressie en hoe kan transformatie en sociale rechtvaardigheid een dagelijkse handeling worden?

De avond zal worden geopend met een schrijfritueel en daarna zullen panelgasten Camille Barton, Jeanette Chedda en Anne Jesuina inhaken op dekolonisatie vanuit perspectieven als de klimaatcrisis, disability justice, belichaming en healing. Ter afsluiting Analemma 8.0: -a decolonizing club dance ritual centering queer people of color-, waarmee de avond zal eindigen in een open jamsessie met DJ Inked Rebelle.

Laten we samen begrijpen hoe systematische onderdrukking werkt op lichaam, ziel en geest.

Devika Chotoe 

Devika Chotoe (she/they) is a performance artist, choreographer, writer, moderator and community builder. Devika’s work emerges from a concern for justice and a desire to heal and transform embodied systemic oppression. The aim being self and collective empowerment. She thus views her artistic processes as resistance praxis: a space for resilience where notions of care, support, codependency, vulnerability, pleasure and healing are centered and form the main conditions for constructing processes of transformation and its embodiment. | @devikachotoe

Fazle Shairmahomed 
Fazle Shairmahomed (he/she/they/dem) creates decolonizing rituals, performance art, and dance. Their work is rooted in ancestral work and intersectional activism. Fazle was born and raised in a multicultural society in de Transvaal/Schilderswijk in Den Haag, in the Netherlands, they feel very hybrid, and identifies currently, but not exclusively, as Dutch, Surinamese-Hindustani/Indo-Caribbean, Muslim, Queer, non-binary, and as a person of color.  He graduated in anthropology and Middle Eastern Studies/Arabic. In her everyday life they are interested in themes such as death, rebirth, ancestry, belonging, colonial histories, and healing. They are mostly informed and inspired by Muslim/Sufi traditions of Gnawa, Zar, the whirling Dervish; Japanese Butoh, Surinamese Winti culture, Hindu rituals, Caribbean Bubbling, Muslim funeral practices, Vogueing, and the Club. | @fazel_shairmahomed

A group of queer people of color create a common space for a spiritual process of decolonization in a reality where different ancestries have been brought together in painful ways. Through this ritual, you are invited to think about the relationship with your ancestors. Together, we create a space of intimacy even when we experience distance through our personal histories and current realities, which are filled with trauma, but also with a desire for healing and resilience. When it comes to reflecting upon our shared colonial history, we all have different roles and places in the process of healing. In this ritual, we center queer people of color. We will question how supporting one and another looks like in the process of decolonization, and in the reflection of our shared colonial histories.

Inspired by Muslim/Sufi traditions of Gnawa, Zar, and whirling Dervish; Japanese Butoh, Surinamese Winti culture, Hindu rituals, Caribbean Bubbling, South African Gqom. Analemma seeks to engage in a queer act of creating rituals in a reality where people experience hybrid identities, and live multicultural realities that came into being because of painful histories and realities of colonialism.  

ANALEMMA | @analemma.ritual

Fite Qlub
Fite Qlub is a multidisciplinary platform operating from a queer, intersectional and decolonial perspective. The foundation is catered to BIPOC LGBTQIA+ communities and aims to generate spaces where members get to connect, heal, educate and exchange within a range of different formats: from panel talks to play parties. Fite Qlub maintains an emphasis on approaching bodies, sexuality and their expression from an intersectional perspectiveL aiming to unveil how oppressive mechanisms show up in our intimate lives and our relationship to our bodies. Aiming to shift this narrative into safer, more flourishing cultures of sexual, physical and relational expression.

 Fite Qlub | @fiteqlub2021

Host: Rikkert van Huisstede / Ro Rox Roxy Roxana Verwey
Programma: Rikkert van Huisstede, Ro Rox Roxy Roxana Verwey, Loulou Sjerps, Devika Chotoe en Fazle Shairmahomed
Productie: Alejandra Zabala
Publiciteit: CC Amstel
Campagnebeeld: Mariola López
Fotografie: Sjoerd Derine

We would like to welcome everyone to BECOMING: Decolonized. 

Tickets cost €16 incl. service costs. If you do not have the financial capacity to buy a ticket, please contact


We willen iedereen welkom heten bij BECOMING: Decolonized. 

Tickets kosten €16 incl. servicekosten. Als je niet de financiële capaciteit hebt om een ticket te kopen, neem dan contact op met 

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